Saturday, November 10, 2007

North Little Rock fall color and swans

Seems like just the other day
I took this same photo and it was fall.
Another yar has yet come and gone.

After battling a stomach problem all afternoon and into the night yesterday I woke feeling really rested. Maybe that was because I parked it after I got home and didn't do anything but watch the tube and nap then in bed around 10.

I turned the clock away from me so I couldn't see what time it was and I would really get some rest. For some reason I have this goofy mental thing that if it's 4:30 then I'll be up in an hour so why get anymore sleep? But if I don't see the clock I will sleep until daylight. Weird sleep patterns seem to run through my family.

Since I was feeling so good and the sun was just coming over the hills I ran down the road to the lakes and tried to shoot at the Old Mill but it was closed until 8 and I would the early sunlight. Also they had a backhoe parked down there. There goes everyone's fall photos. If you have ever seen the movie "Gone with the Wind" then you've seen the Old Mill. It's several neighborhoods over and a beautiful place to go.

I ended up at a couple of the lakes surrounding the Mill.... enjoy the fall photos from this morning.
The exposure isn't good on this one.
The colors are really dark and rich
but the sun was too high already.
I just have a cheap camera but it's still a lot of fun.

These swans were not happy that I didn't bring them food like many visitors do.

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