Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where to start??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRI!!!! Hope you are having fun on the beach!

I ending up taking the whole day off today. The original plan was to work until 10 then drive down to the folks house and take Dad to his doc appt. But during a meeing Evie said, "Geo's off tomorrow". My boss looked at me and he knew that I was working until 10 but as I sat there and thought about it I liked the being off all day idea. So I asked after the meeting if he mind if I took off the whole day. I knew the answer was going to be "Sure, no problem", but I still like to ask.

So the storm came through and lit up the bedroom at 4:30. Try as I may, I couldn't really get back to sleep. 5am I was up and at 'em. Ugh! Still really warm outside when I let Sadie out. TV says if you are heading out today to take a jacket because the temps are going to drive bomb later this afternoon.

I have a million things I want to get done today and over the course of the long weekend. Guess I better sign off and get busy!

ONE WEEK TIL THE CI!!! Just seems too unreal!

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Wes said...

Send that rain over my way, Geo! We need it!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!