Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunny Sherwood Saturday

I think it's fall here again. Yep, I'm quite sure of it. It's really cool and windy and the yard is covered in leaves. I'll be cranking the lawnmower up and heading out to get them all up after while.

I judged a dessert cook off at the hospital yesterday. The winner was a fancy lemon souffle surrounded by lady fingers. It was light and fluffy and I wanted to eat it all but the slice was huge and I had already sampled 10 other entries. I gave it a 5 (highest). The other favorite to me was a brownie sandwich. It was a thin slice of brownie then had a blob of chocolate cheesecake in the middle the another thin slice of brownie. Around the sides was finely crushed peppermint every now and then. Oh momma slip me! It was good. Check back here because Kelley shot some photos and I'll get a hold of some of them and show you these 2.

We went over to Texas Roadhouse for dinner last night. Talk about VIP treatment! 2 of Em's friends work there and they waited on us hand and foot. I had my usual prime rib and it was like the end of a good book when I finished. I was happy. HA!

Greg and I went through the Sunday service media and just a couple of very minor adjustments and we'll be ready to roll. We talked for a few minutes as we always do. I call them my weekly "Balcony Sessions". He asked if I was getting excited about the CI and I am but I also told him the nervousness is beginning to creep in a little. It's not the surgery I'm worried about. That's a breeze. Surgery, home, relax a couple of days then back to normal routine. It's the activation that has me worried. Remember the book Rebuilt I was talking about? Well the author is opening honest about everything including his dating life which I understand why he includes that (for social standpoint of CI users). But while reading it I also realized that this journey is not going to be easy by any means. I wonder how I will adjust to being deaf in my right ear for almost 7 years now. How long will it take my brain to clue in and the wires to spark that says, "Oh yeah, I remember this!"

I think there may be the word "bike" in the picture this afternoon. If so I'll be riding with my pal Ed who has lost a whopping 140 lbs! He is a speed demon now on a road bike. I'm now the dough boy who judges dessert contest and only rides every now and then on weekends. HA! (OK, it's really not funny!)

Well time to get busy doing Saturday stuff


Jennifer said...

Geo, I remember that feeling well. I had no hearing at all in the ear that we implanted CI #1 in for over 30 years, plus I had a strong "vibrotactile response" (can't remember if I already told this, but basically, instead of hearing sounds in the sound booth, I felt them inside my vibrations at a loud rock concert)...and nobody had given me any guarantee at all that I would get ANY hearing. The first day I didn't hear much...rather, I had the vibrations inside my head...and I was a little freaked out. By the time I went back the next week for my mapping, though, I was hearing doubt about it...and it has gotten better and better over the past year. I am a ever so slightly behind the "normal" curve (if there is such a thing) because of the long-term deafness that I had before my implant...but I hear thousands of sounds, and can occasionally understand speech (it gets better all the time).
This time, I am anticipating actually hearing sounds at activation, since I just lost the hearing in this ear in March. I know it will probably sound awful, but as long as it's actual sound and no vibrations, I will be over the moon.
The transition's bones about it...but the time goes by pretty quickly, and it's well worth it. I think you'll do have a cheerful, optimistic attitude, and that will take you far! :)
(sorry for the rambling, but CIs are one of my favorite subjects...ha! :)

Melissa said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while! I too am nervous about you being able to hear EVERYTHING now...hahaha! You'll do great and wow, how the world will sound different from now on. You can borrow some of the kids books to practice with if you need. I hear there is a good one on potty training! Have a great turkey day...we'll miss all of yall!