Friday, November 30, 2007

Not as easy as it sounded

The drugs are wearing off a bit and I'm trying to get it together but my goodness that roar is l-o-u-d! It seems to be getting better but there are still times it's so loud it could about take you to your knees.

Flip back a couple of pages to "Morning of..."
So I got to the hospital and Eddie (Admissions) made me feel like a VIP right off the bat. Signed the forms then headed back to the little room where they asked all the questions several times. It was funny because we are a children's hospital so part of the question set was about if I was a full term baby and such. We laughed.

Sondra, who is the director of OR came in and was super nice and comforting. She was one of the many hero's of the day. I remember Dr. D coming in and you would have thought we just won the super bowl. All be smiles and high fives. The day was here and this is what we came to do!

A-Doc came in and she time for some versed. I got the shot in the IV then I was dageryergahgh!!!! I remember Kelley coming in to take photos and I remember going from one bed to another.

Then I remember that sweet nurse beside my bed as I woke. At least I tried to wake. Man, I'm not shaking this off like the ear surgery I had in April. Back to sleep. I could hear people talking but it was like I wasn't there with them. I remember getting really scared because I was shaking. I just remember telling myself I had to get up but my body wasn't going with the plan.

I remember my pal Jason was at the bedside and I made a remark about I had died and gone to hell. I think I heard laughs and someone saying OK, he's back. Fade to black again.

I finally got awake enough that that wheeled me back around to the ambulatory area rooms. Good, I'll be going home before long. It's dark now.

You'll be staying. You'll be going home. You'll be staying. I wanted to go home but my breathing was too low. What I was told was that when I came in my pulse/Ox was 99 and now it's only 93. My breathing was too swallow due to the pain when I would breath, I didn't want to breath very hard.

Why so much trouble with this??? The implant had been faulty and they had to redo it. Surgery took twice as long so I was under longer. They got the implant in and when Steve ran the test they got weird numbers and didn't like it. Come to find out it was cracked and had some fluid in it.... so I've heard. I'll be interested to heard the story in a couple of weeks on my follow up visit. I was too looped to gasp much of it.

We finally got home Thursday morning and I was feeling a lot better just being home. Terri went on to work and I was there alone. Not a problem. Emmy came by the house and asked what I wanted for lunch. Sonic cheese sticks and a small coke sounded so good and it was. I fell back asleep after eating and sleep for a couple of hours. I woke hungry and staggered to the kitchen to find a cake my sister had brought over. Sounded good. Strawberry! I ate then it all went down hill! I threw up like I hadn't thrown up in years. There were times I thought I was passing out and I refused to open my eyes. Finally it passed and I got cleaned up and back to the sofa to stay.

I slept well through the night and it's been a basic recovery day. I removed the wild head dressing and took a shower but not washing that side on my head. I felt so much better!

Tried to watch movies but it just wasn't fun. I slept some more.

I have found the more I get up and move around the better I seem to feel.

Life will be good again before long I just have to be patient and that, I'm not...

This CI journey certainly had it's unexpected uphill but I think we will get there soon.


Wes said...

Sorry to hear its been tough for ya Geo! Hang in there, bro! It will get better each day.

Jennifer said...

I'm SO glad you posted...I was starting to get worried!! Your recovery sounds like my first one...I felt horrible that time. I was groggy and pukey and just blah in general. It gets better...hang in there just a few more days :)!
UGH about them having to replace your implant!!! Suppose it was better while they already had you open than later on, but still... :(
Rest up! I'm just glad you're still alive and kicking over there! :)

Abbie said...

E-gads Geo! It sure sounds like you had a few bumps in the road. Thank goodness they had a spare implant on hand but it sucks that you had to stay under for twice as long. When I had my surgery I was under for 3 and half hours because they had a problem getting the last electrode in there. However, you are home, safe and sound, with a working thing in your ear :) Take it easy, pop some pills and kick back and relax...

I can't believe you got to shower already!

Colorado 2007 said...

Glad to hear you are at home. I have been wandering how you were doing. Don't push it, the waether is not all that great for riding. Best to stay inside and watch a good movie.