Friday, March 31, 2006

He's blogging again!

I know, I know... I actually sat down to blog and the goofy thing kept asking me for my password over and over and then told me it was wrong. I finally gave up. So, that said, here's a weeks worth of blogging from my noggin'.

We saw Delirium at Alltel last Thursday night. Very cool show! I hope it comes back again some time!

Melissa, my niece is having twins and everyone is so happy for them. I sent here a list of hot names used by young parents these days. They got to see the 2 little heart beats and everyone cried.

Terri and Emily are in Memphis shopping today. Emily is on spring break.

Terri's parents were here from Navarre, FL and the pollen has kicked in up here and sent them straight back home with runny noses. I'm sure we'll get a letter saying something to the effect of, "We don't have that stuff down here."

Tyler is working at Journey's (out selling everyone) and at Jones Productions doing his video magic. He seems happy to be back in Arkansas and not living in downtown among the high rise buildings. The warmer weather seems to be a plus for him too.

I lucked out and was the 10,000th person to visit my nephew Jim's blog. That was cool since I don't luck into stuff like that very often at all. He said he was sending me a prize and I told him I just couldn't wear on of those "I Bleed Orange" t-shirts.

I have decided not to ride the two week bike trip around the state like I did last year. It’s just not a good time to be able to put that much work into it. I think I'll do something again but not 2 weeks worth. I do plan to ride a lot of the charity event rides as well as rides with friends.

Last week I went out to Two Rivers Park in Little Rock to ride Wye Mtn. As the guys were getting their bikes ready they ALL had areo bars on. This is a bad sign! They all ride for Carve and are all about 10 years younger and much leaner. So we take off and I told them not to wait if I get dropped. I did good until about half way up the mountain and zoom there they come and go! I saw them a couple more times but in the end the drooped me like a rock when we reached Hwy 10. It was ok because I slowed down and started enjoying the ride for me rather than competitive riding. I saw a couple of wild turkey's crossing Hwy 10. I saw a flock of geese coming in for the evening at Lake Maumelle. That sort of scenes is what makes a ride for me.

Oh yeah, and we got another puppy. Actually, Sean, Emily's boyfriend got a puppy but he lives at our house. I said, well, what if y'all break up will you have joint custody and each gets the pup every other weekend? Ok, here's the kicker... Max is a 12 week old Chow/Rotweiler (sp?) mix. He eats more than Saydee and is a brick of muscle. I've spoken with several that have Rotti's as they are called and all have said, it depends on how you raise them and train them. Max will be our outside dog. I just hope he stays as loveable as he is now. Yes, Saydee is very protective of him. I thought it was jealous but she treats him like it's her baby. Fun to watch them play. Sean has to buy Max's food and upkeep and knows that if he (Max) eats the house then Sean has to pay for it.

Next week I will be riding the Tour de Hills in Harrison with several friends. 62 miles of hills then a drive home! I'll spend the night up there on Friday night but I'm thinking I'll drive home on Saturday after the event. Probably will stop and eat a dozen times on the way home! HA!

Well, my favorite part of the weekend is coming up! The start of the weekend... Friday at 5pm!!!

Y'all have a fun weekend!

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