Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 2

Finishing up lunch...
Spent part of the morning hanging out in Audio with Jordan while she did some more programming. Everyone told me that each day sounds different and to be honest, I HATED it when I turned it on this morning. OK, here's a clue for folks like me... yes, you can turn it down. I was so set on working through the 3 programs yesterday.

Today I got a different sound coming through. This sounds so much more like my hearing aid on steroids. Much more easier to live with. (Note to the audio guys... yes, I have my hearing aid turned off). Voices are much better today. Still sounds grungy when people who talk loud talk. I love folks with soft voices now. Trust me, it's so easy to hear them now. Never thought I would ever type those words.

I did plug the IPod into the processor while in the clinic this morning. I'll have to work on that one awhile. It was a Beatles tune and I couldn't have told you that at all. that's one of the unusual things about this journey. I can hear my car keys jingle but I can't process music yet.

Note to CI users: Have you tripped a store thief alarm? I'm not looking forward to that day at all. I suspect I'll just shout, "Put your guns away, I'm bionic!" Oh that will scare them huh? HA!

Am I still blown away by this product... you bet! Blown away 10 times over!

Back to work... more later.


Jeff said...

Hi Geo!
Yep, similar experience here. I am preferring quiet conversation as well. It sounds better, and frankly it is just so cool to be ABLE to do it! At this early stage loud voices tend to be harsher. Overall, music isn't all that great for me yet either. Some instruments sound better than others: naturally fuzzy ones like saxes and snare drums sound pretty good. And the simpler the better -- gets too muddy when too much is going on at once. It is funny how lots of environmental sounds like crumpling paper, dripping water, footsteps, etc., sound so perfect. Traffic noise is still very weird for me, it sounds wooshy. When a car goes by it doesn't go "wwwwwoooooooooooossssshhhhh" -- it goes " wwwhhhhhoooo whhhooooohh whoooooooo whhhoooooooosssssshhhh oooooossssshhhh ...." But that's nitpicking. It truly is awesome to have all this so soon!

Deb said...

Geo...You won't be tripping off any store alarms! You can also go through airline security checkpoints with no problem if you have the BTE on! It's a different story with the body processor. That has enough metal to trip off the sensors.

Going through the airport scanners will not wipe out your programs. In the olden days with another brand of CI (I think it was Cochlear) their early product had that problem. But now days that doesn't happen. Some people still want the extra security of being patted down instead of going through the scanner...if you love being manhandled LOL...then by all means choose that method!

Abbie said...

LOL! I haven't set off any store alarms and believe me I have been in and out of at least a hundred. I have to go through a metal detector every day and I never set it off.

I was so surprised at what I was hearing but what I could hear. You said that you hear keys jingling but can't process music. My orignal thought was I can hear people talking but I can't hear a helicopter over my head :) It only gets better :)