Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just our daily lives

It's sort of funny that I just checked a bunch of CI blogs and not much updating. Maybe because it's summer, maybe the writer went to other places to blog, maybe they just got on with their daily lives and the CI is just like brushing your teeth. Something you do and just don't realize it's importance anymore. In others words, you've gotten used to it now. I'm that way too. By habit I always plug up the charger and charge my batteries for the next day, I know if I have it on or not because even though folks who are hard of hearing enjoy some moments of quite, we need our noise. Like I said, it's just a part of our daily lives... a very very important part.

I know i's a pictureless short blog but I'm determined to write.

Life is good... even during daily lives...

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Anonymous said...

while sitting in a doc's office this week I read an article about you dated I think Sept 07! anyway a avery late congrats! it was all about your riding and raising money for Children's!! m