Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well it's been busy

I know I skipped some days but it's been a busy time. The 4th of July holiday came and went. Had a blast! My beautiful wife and I kicked back on down at the river and watched the fireworks from the north side with the Little Rock skyline in the background. Weather was perfect. Warm with a good breeze and blew all the smoke away from us! We also went to the Clinton Presidential Library that afternoon and although we had been before the section of the Weather Exhibit was really interesting to me. It was different pieces from the Lower 9th. The was the area so hard hit by Hurricane Katrina. The famous basket that was shown on TV over and over being used to airlift folks was on display. There were letters from children, photos and other items that put a lump in your throat.

Emily and I have been going to New Life Church in Maumelle for several weeks now. We love it. It's a breath of fresh air.

My sister had to put their little dog to sleep. They had had it for years and it lived a very priledged life. We'll miss you little Maggie.

Oh and yes, I have rode my bike thank you very much!

Life is good!

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