Sunday, October 03, 2010

The FALL of the blog

I know, it's been all summer since I blogged anything. Well I sort of got stuck in a rut. You know how it goes, summer temps hit the 100's, get busy with other mindless thing and sometimes forgot to do the things you really enjoyed. I miss my bike. I miss my camera. I miss searching new music on iTunes. this isn't a Donny Downer message, just a "Gee, I got off track didn't I?" message.

Life is good. The family is good. The seasons are changing. I'm working on a family tree project.

I go to my folks house on Saturdays to help around their house and care for my Dad so Mom can get out and enjoy her usual Saturday shopping. I have some of the best memories of my life made on those weekends. For example yesterday was a beautiful fall day so I rolled Dad in his wheelchair out to the front porch and we sat talking about duck hunting. I haven't been in years and my son picked it up last year an loved it. I hope to get back out there with him and make some memories of our on. My dad was telling me once about a duck hunt that his and "Doctor George", his best pal trough adult life. They didn't use a duck blind but got under some overhanging limbs. Dad was about to shoot a duck and stepped and down into the cold water he went filling his waders. I asked if he went back to the car. He didn't said the hunting was good! HA!

Another funny story from yesterday. My childhood home has always had these big spiders that build webs around the outside of the house in the late fall. My mom was asking me yesterday to put the screen back on the window in the back. I asked her how it came off and she said the biggest spider she had ever seen around the house was trapped between the screen and the closed window. So she opened the window and was going to take some Kleenex and grab it real quick and throw it in the toilet and flush it. Well she could reach it and said she needed a small stick or something to reach up there and hit it so what was the short stick she thought of first and used? Her mascara! HA!!! Oh the weapons of mass destruction! She actually knocked off the screen and thank goodness for that!

The bike... well I've not ridden it but just a few times this summer. I could always come up with an excuse. Sad isn't it. Sad for my waist line too. riding is really good for stress if you just go out and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and not try to "attack" whoever is riding along in front of you.

The camera... I got it back out the other day but screwed up the formatting on the card so I've got to fixed that as well as take it in to the camera store for a check up. Got some football photos to take before long.

I promise I will update a lot more. Who knows maybe I will journal something good like trying to loose weight or something.

Nice to be back!

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Rodney Olsen said...

Great to get an update.

I hope you find more time to get out on the bike really soon.