Tuesday, April 08, 2014


When I was a child we used to take a 6 hour drive to Muscle Shoals, AL to see my Mom and Dad's families.  It was fun once we got there except when the adults just sat around and drank coffee.  One of my aunt and uncles had a house on the Tennessee River and nothing thrilled me more than a day of swimming there.  Aunt Beck was the craziest of all the aunts and uncles and they we're a bunch. My Dad's family have passed and only 2 of my mom's are alive. Both live in "Mus-shoals".  We heard that the old house was torn down as part of the expansion by the church which has always been across the road.  So I wanted to see if I could get anything from the old house as part of Mom's Mother's Day gift.  I contacted the pastor and come to find out the house has not been torn down but will be sometime or moved.  He said we could come anytime and could take anything that would preserve the memory!  So on May 3rd we are going to walk through the old house one more time, get a few bulbs (flowers) and do a photo session. I've not been back to Shoals in about 25 years at least.

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