Sunday, February 18, 2007

Almost a week since? Had no idea!

It's been almost a week since I blogged? Guess I was busier than I thought... or lazy. Let me see, Terri went to Dallas (or some city around there) and she's back. Em went to TN and she's on I-40 between Memphis and home. I started a major project in the kitchen and took a break from it today. The sun came back out and the temps today were nice. Winter might be leaving soon as the temps are on the up and up all week. Saw where we might see 75 degrees by next weekend!

The tour of California has started and I'm sort of bummed I didn't get to go out for some of it.

Tyler came over and hung out Friday night. Granddog Zero came over too. Funny little dog! Tyler bought a house around the Park Hill area! Nice little place for a first house! He closes in 2 weeks. Yep, he and Shalyn are still friends but no wedding at least not anytime soon.

I got to ride with the club today! The riding was good! I saw and spoke to a lot of guys I haven't caught up with in a while.What's in store for this week? Like I said, warmer temps and longer daylight. We do have a storm day about mid week I think with winds of 20-35 mph. Afterwards I think that's when life as we know and love it returns. I'm turning off my hospital card privilege at Java City so the sole purpose of getting out of the latte habit. I love the stuff but added up my habit and the calories attached. Thanks but that will help the tummy to go away faster! By the way, the jersey I had on was a small today. No kidding. I very relaxed fit small.

Funny article in the paper today. The LR Marathon is coming in a few weeks and the hospital is a major sponsor of the Little Rockers. It's where the kids run 25 miles over the course of months and then run their last mile at the marathon on a different course. It's huge! I mean a bi-zillion kids. Anyway they asked me last year if I'd ride in front of the runners and I did and it was fun and those kids can run a lot faster than I had given them credit for! So I'm reading the article and it says that I'm going to be riding as the lead out for the kids. Cool. then it says and he will be wearing a bunny suit?!!!?? WHA???!!!!!! A bunny suit? Buh ha ha ha ha!!! Oh, this is going to be a hoot! I'll do it since it's for the hospital and for fun but how did I ever agree to a bunny suit? Excuse me, I probably need to turn up my hearing aid! HA!Y'all have a great day!

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