Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stormy Saturday

I woke extra early (5:30am) in hopes I could ride before the forecasted rain and storms got here. The deck was already wet but it wasn't raining at the moment. I noticed my neighbor's motion lights were on on her deck and I stood watching for a moment just to be sure as she is a retiree who lives alone. I spotted 3 HUGE raccoons coming off the top of her house and down the trellis on to her deck. These must be the same guys that Saydee goes nuts over when we let her out sometimes at night.

The plan has me scheduled for 6 hours on the bike today but not going to happened with the storms. I actually considered going down to the river and riding easy flat miles as long as the rain wasn't hard but (Flash and BOOM)... ok maybe not. The strange thing is that it's 9:45 now and that was about 8 and it hasn't flashed or boomed since. Got a downpour for 5 minutes. It is a dark day out there though.

I painted a couple more of the cabinet doors and have my fingers crossed that they dry today!

More later...

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Wes said...

Sounds like a good day for the trainer! Better than Krash BOOM!