Monday, February 12, 2007


The ride yesterday took me to a hood I've not riden through in a long time. Big houses, tennis courts, swiming pools and water falls. Also a few speed bumps. Nothing like zooming down through a hood feeling the love and hitting a speed bump and snapping a couple of spokes and knocking the wheel untrue. Got the wheel over to the bike shop right after work. I love those guys! Asked me if I wanted to wait for the repair but it was also closing time so I didn't want to be one of "those" customers. Everyone wants to go home at closing time! It'll be ready by the time I get off work tomorrow.

Sean had riden his bike over to the house the other night and broke the chain as he was leaving. I fixe that for him after dinner and luckily it's raining tonight so he'll put it in the back of his SUV and take it home. Told him to test it out after the rains near his house to make sure I got it linked back tight.

Love is in the air... ya got your "other" a Valentine yet. Man, you better turn this thin off and head for Hallmark!

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