Monday, February 26, 2007

While munching on lunch...

It's a beautiful day here in Arkansas and as I sit at my desk munching on my lunch you can tell that spring is here. Folks are out, the air is cool but it doesn't matter because the sun is shining. Ah, just makes you glad to be alive!

I kept meaning to talk about an observation I made the other day. We, Mrs. Geo and I, had to make a stop at Kroger on the way home the other day. She asked me to just pull to the curb so she could dash in and pick up some stuff to grill out. As I was sitting there watching all the people coming in and out, I got bored and played a man game. Guys, you know the one… would I go out with that lady, would I marry that lady, and sorry honey but you are not for me. Did you know every woman that walked out of the store was in the “sorry, you are not for me” category. Then out came Mrs. Geo… oh my gosh, she’s a keeper! Serious! The way she walked, what she had on, carrying fresh meat in a plastic bag… man, she was.. gee, no words could describe it. Serious! I’m always reminded over and over why she was the one for me!

Yesterday was one of those perfect days! I went to church, went to my parents and had momma’s cooking and even got home in time for a good 3 hour ride! I rode later than usual for a Sunday afternoon and saw a lot of folks I’ve never seen before. Also saw a bi-zillion families on the BDB enjoying the afternoon. As I was coming back over the BDB I noticed a large group of folks had completely blocked the bridge and then I saw a bike laying down. Oh man, first thought was that a bike and a person had collided. There was a lady sitting down leaned against the rails and I made my way through the crowd and asked if everyone was ok? I know, dumb question. I thought if it was a biker, I meant know them. I didn’t but a man asked if I had some sugar. Seems she was a diabetic. She got a couple of espresso gels. Oh yeah, I bet she was rocking about 30 minutes later. She seemed to be ok and I headed on with my ride. The whole ride was solo but that was good since it was for training. I didn’t need to draft. I needed to have the wind try and push me back (headwind) and that it did. Then it times it pushed me forward (tailwind) to the point of wanting to yell out, “I’m rocket boy! Weeeee!” HA! Some days are just like that.

Looks to be a good week ahead and I have my fingers crossed that I’ll ride the bike home from the hospital tomorrow. Mrs. Geo has a reception after hours so I can either bum a ride or I can bring my bike to work and ride it home. It would be my first ride home since the BDB opened. I’ll only have a short section of road (Camp Robinson) where there will be traffic and traffic there will be! But from here I can ride all the way to the BDB and then some on the NLR side before I ever have to get on the road. My thinking is that by the time I get on the busy roads it will be about 5:30 or a tad later and most will have already gone through. Weather is light breeze, sunny and lower 60’s. Does that not sound like the perfect commute home weather?!

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Wes said...

Yea! Enjoy that beautiful weather. I'm itching to get home after the soccer game at 5 PM and ride tonight. I only have 6, count'em, 6 cycling miles in my log this month. How pathetic is that? LOL. BAGS and I are overdue.