Saturday, February 10, 2007

On the latter or on my butt

I have spent ALL day in our kitchen painting. I've either been on the latter on on my butt sitting on the floor. I have to say though it's really looking dandy! Terri is looking for new art, bar stools and different chairs for the kitchen eating area. The cabinets are really going to look cool! They'll have some sort of crackled look. The whole thing is supposed to have some "Tuscan cafe" feel to it.

I missed getting to ride a little bit with Vince today as he came through. I thought about him all day. He started at 3am this morning in Fort Smith and was riding across the state today. Close to the same route I'm doing in June.

I got a very nice surprise email today! Yale had collected money for the River 2 River ride! Has a stack of loot to donate. It was one of those times when you just sit and stare at the screen to be sure you really read what you think you read. The kindness of my friends has always overwhelms me. Thank you Yale!

I got another surprise email. I had a cousin from when I was little that I really enjoyed when we got to get together. As we grew up I have lost touch with many of my extended family. So I asked my mom where she thought Rick was. She gave me a good idea but he wasn't in that town anymore. Then I got wind of another place he might be and sure enough I got a reply! He and his wife of 30 years were about to leave on a cruise for their anniversary. He caught me up of others in the family. Rick, if you're reading this, I wish you and Gloria many more years of happiness!

Razorbacks (baseball) lost to Troy today. Bummer! Hawgs are #5. Now Hawg baseball is something I keep up with. Now when baseball games start you know spring is getting a little closer!

Tyler is at the ADDY awards tonight getting his first for a video he did! It's a swanky event where all the ad agency's mix, and cause drama. I'm so proud of him getting this top award after graduating with his degree just barely a year ago!

Tomorrow will be a ride afternoon! Yeah-izzzz!!! HA