Sunday, February 04, 2007


Geese enjoying the Sunday afternoon sunshine along the river ride.

Another nice day! Got up and had an easy start, woke the girls and headed to church. We have a running bet with another church that every year on super bowl day we can pack the pantry more than they can and we won! It's a massive amount of canned foods that goes to the homeless shelters. It's gets more competitive every year!
Got to spend the afternoon riding and saw several buds and rode with a few. I got 8 hours of training in this weekend. Coach ought to be happy about that. I got to talk to Yale and Wayne for a few moments. Spotted a Carve Elite riders out for some training. Hooted when one of The Ride team riders came screaming down the hill I was climbing. I saw a guy I would have swore was Brice Jones. Is the Jelly Belly rider in town this weekend? Doubt it but man it looked like him. The afternoon ride was great! Very light winds and sunshine! Hope we have that next weekend!
Ok Super Bowl game... rain makes it a fun game! Hang on to your luggage man! HA!!! I just knew Princes dancers were going to fall and it was going to be the thing everyone was going to talk about but Chicago running that first play was a riot! Speaking of riot, there are some funny ads! I love the Bud spot where they stop and pick up the hitch hiker guy with the ax. And did you notice how many talking animals were in spots? Fun year for commercials!

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Chris L said...

Nice River shots. You have the right to remain tagged.