Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I know, boring title. We had a Code Green (Outside of hospital disaster) drill today at the hospital is it was for a bomb that went off in a town about 45 minutes south of here. By the end of the drill it had 13,000 victims. Spooky stuff. Being in HR I didn't have a role but we had some lively discussion at lunch. They have to do these fake press releases as well so one said the situation was under control. I would bet stacks of 100 dollar bills that the staff would be under control and doing what they are trained to do but outside the hosital would not be under control.

I ordered some new FRS stuff a few moments ago. I got the chews! Hey if the chews work anything like the drink, I'll be a customer of theirs for life. Since I have the orange drink I thought I'd try the Lemon-Lime chews.
Tomorrow starts the beginning of the hospital itness challenge. I have the least amount on my team (25) but they are 25 coworkers that I know will do some sort of excercise 3x a week for the next 90 days. Last year I tried to get a lot of folks on my team then after they signed up, got their t-shirt and did the first all hosital walk then they didn't do nothing else. So I had this huge drop out rate and lost. This year my team won't win but I wan't have a drop rate either! there is one nurse that has 214 people on her team and that's awesome! I told me team we were in it for the fun!

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Wes said...

Oh no. Mrs. Dee Dee says Orange Drink and lemon-lime sports beans don't go together! LOL. She has some pretty weird tastes. I might have to try me some of that FRS stuff! I hate having to go to the store every other week for drinks and sports beans.