Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The late edition

WooHoo... It was a rocket boy ride home. A little longer than I expected but still a lot of fun. I left the office at 5:15 and rolled in at 6:28. I didn't realize it was that much longer. I even rode about 200 yards on a really busy road but (Thank you Lord) there were on about 5 cars that passed and all were nice. No horn honking and this 200 yards is all up hill. there are a couple of parking lots so I'm able to pull over and let folks by. I had my reflective road worker vest over my backpack and had my rear flasher light blinking so I was visible. This will certainly be a training habit. Next Sunday when the time changes it will be so much better.

Ok, I admit, I'm an FRS snob now. I LOVE this stuff! I drank it about 30 minutes before riding and I was pushing 18 solo into the wind and wasn't tired. How sick is that?!

Life is good!

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