Monday, February 05, 2007

The beauty of Arkansas Children's Hospital

Last Friday we had snow and this is a collection of photos by Kelley Cooper of Arkansas Children's Hospital that shows the beauty of our facility. Enjoy!

This is one of the gardens that you see while you wait in our General Pediatric Center

This is the creek that continues outside the lobby. The creek really runs through the lobby. It flows down to a very peaceful reflecting pool. That's the Arkansas State Capitol on the horizon.

Much like many of our patients. They fight the toughest battles and thrive!

Blue skies and snow

The theme of our hospital is all natural so there is plenty of room for little feathered friends out in the gardens.
But the photo below sums it all up!
This my friends, is what Arkansas Children's Hospital is all about!

I hope you have enjoyed a quick peek at "my office"

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Wes said...

Looks like your workplace has "all the right elements!"