Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weather intermission

We had a winter intermission day today! Beautiful clear skies and the temperature was a balmy 62 degrees! Even right now at 8:30 it's 59 but as it cools tonight it goes back to it's regularly scheduled winter. Bummer!

I talked Terri into picking me up at the office a few minutes early so I could ride the hood. Had a great ride and pushed as hard as I could. Serious. I kept telling myself that Coach as already gave me the warning that this weekend is a recovery for some serious riding next weekend and I could only ride for 3 hours. He said to resist the urge to ride more. Next weekend is a 5 and a 6 hour ride. Yo baby the training is kickin' in now. While I was out I moto'd a car. It was awesome because I was going uphill as hard as I could. The guy in the car was waving me to keep up. I did for a little bit but geesh louise I was pushing a sick 20mph. I dropped off and cut off through the neighborhood on quiter streets since it was getting to dark to play outside much more and I knew Terri would be on the front porch yelling my name across the valley to come in for dinner.

I got a package delivered to the front door! I ordered some FRS (www.frs.com) drink and the website allowed you to pick from an assortment of stuff for shipping cost only! I got the orange antitoxin energy drink mix. The bottle is huge and I should get about 10 water bottles of drink out of this! I mixed up one and Sean and I tested it. I just had enough to see what it would taste like. Sean actually drank all of his. College kid's gonna be up all night! I plan to try it out this weekend on my ride. The idea is to actually eat while riding too. I read this from several different long distance riders. They would sit and spin on the bike and eat a meal so their stomach would be accustomed to the eating/riding gig.
Thought you might like this photo. It's Em right after I came in from riding. I was about to hug her but she got arm-pitted instead. I know, what a mean thing to do.
Later friends!

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Wes said...

Hmmm. I would think that on your longer rides you would eat and drink a lot. I didn't start packing stuff until my mileage got into the double digits. Now, I wish I had started earlier. Enjoy a recovery week and gear up for those long ones!