Saturday, February 24, 2007

Later on Saturday

Well the storm came and tore up the littel town of Dumas. Sad, that little town is a stopping point whenever we go to Terri's folks in Navarre, Florida. Our little Subway and Mickey D's is gone that we would stop at. The errie thing about the big storms in Arkansas is that they always seem to hit just around March 1st.

I worked around the house and then climbed up on the horse and spun for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Had a nice average and felt strong through the whole ride. I had the tv going on Rugby which is a wicked sport! Man, I loved it! Then I rod while the Tour of California was on. That was a great race! I'm not going to spoil it since some guys read this blog and record all the races to watch later.

Several of the club are headed to Mt Magazine for training tomorrow. There is also a Carve ride right by Mom and dad's house. I hope to spot them when we go down for lunch tomorrow. My schedule calls for a 6 hour ride today and 3 tomorrow but I flipped it and rode 2 today and will ride hopefully 4 tomorrow. I've not seen my parents in a few weeks so that is taking priority tomorrow. With daylight savings coming in 2 weeks, I'll be riding home from the office some days. It's nice now with the new bridge because I can ride the LR side, come over the bridge and then cut throught he back of the neighborhood. I do have to get on Camp Robinson for a stretch but hope that most of the rush hour traffic would already have gone through.

Remember that FRS stuff I was going to try? Oh man, that's the best stuff I've ever used! It's a great steady energy source unlike coffee/sugar buzz. I think that's why my last 3 rides have been strong. Like today, I felt great the whole time on the spin and everytime I looked at my speed it seemed to be 17.2. Heart rate was good too. I'm considering asking them for a sponsorship for the June ride. Even in-kind sponsorship would be great.

Geo out!

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