Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Evening Post

Note to Terri: You know I would have picked it for you but it was on federal property. It's the thought that counts... right? Ok, I'll go pick it tomorrow! Love you!

The friends that made a huge difference today!
Chris, Christopher and Rebecca... THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!
You have no idea what you did for me today!

Saturday evening post ( I know, that sounds like a painting)

What an absolute awesome day! From the beginning is was setting up to be a grand one and it has been! I've gotten all my errands done including the haircut (Note to Jim: Yep, Sport Clips is a great place... use 'em all the time! Get the MVP someday and you'll think you died and went to heaven when they get finished!). Right next door to Sport Clips is Blue Coast Burrito. Fish Tacos for lunch without Emmy telling me how gross they are. Then got stuff done around the house and remembered to record the X-Terra Games! Went out in the garage to sweep up and kept thinking it's really nice out here, think I'll go for a ride. Fast forward to 5:30 this afternoon and I'm finally getting off from my ride. It was sort of one of those "Awww mom do I have to?" sort of endings. I felt alive today!

Started about 1:30 and the temp at the bank was 52 degrees. Fine afternoon I tell ya! Out riding along and not many bikes but lots of runners getting their training in for the marathon next month. I get close to the dog park and three juvenile hoodlums ride by yelling my name. I turn around and close the gap. It is Chris, Christopher and Rebecca! Rumor was that Jenn (Chris' wife) was holding down the couch. Bless her heart! I sneak up behind and ride along without a word just to see how long it would take. Sort of sealth riding! Rebecca looks back and starts laughing then the others. We had a great ride. Ya got to watch those girl riders they are FULL of it! Rebecca was pulling into the wind and doing a great job then drops back. Says something about not riding in three weeks, blah blah blah. So we take a short break under the bridge by the riverboat then head back. Rebecca out front pulling , then Christopher, then Rebecca again, then Rebecca drops off and she and Christopher ride together a little ways back. I got into some zone and locked my eyes on the back of Chris' wheel and went with it. Now Chris is one of our elite screaming fast young 'uns! This was giving me the mental push I've been needing since the first of the year. Chris points to turn so we'll be climbing Ft Roots. Just as we start to climb, from out of nowhere and I guess back from the dead comes a flying Rebecca! "I knew it, I knew you were going to pull something!" She laughed and started climbing like "Well, Lah-dee-dah!" Chris stood on the pedals and I did as well. Then something happened that hadn't happen before. I started climbing with Rebecca! WooHoo!! Right foot left foot right foot left foot faster. At one time I saw 13! I was getting a charge like no other. She was still ahead of me and she stayed ahead the whole way but I kept up with the "doo-doo headed mountian goat". The nickname is out of love. I told her thanks once we made it to the top and I meant it.

The four of us rode back to Cook's Landing where they were parked but not before we spotted a group of riders screaming around the corner by the golf course. There are very few bright orange helmets in town and Yale owns one of those but the guy riding wasn't Yale. Whaaa???!!! That IS Yale!! OMG!!! A skinny Yale. This guy is about to have one of the most awesome seasons of cycling he's ever had. He has turned into one mean lean riding machine! Man, I'm proud of that guy! What dedication! What inspiration!

We turned around and continued back to Cook's. I bidded them farewell and then returned to riding my hours. I roded around Burns Park a couple of times and one more Ft Roots then the air began to cool so I called it a day. The bank tells me 44 now. Yep, the air cooled alright!

Ya know somedays you just sit back at the end of the day and smile... really big!

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Wes said...

Nice ride, Geo! I've learned to stand up to go up hills, but I also read that going up the hill in the saddle builds endurance. 13 is an awesome number. On my last ride, I managed to stay in the middle gear, in the saddle, and do about 7 MPH up the hills. It just keeps getting better. Doesn't it?