Monday, December 03, 2007

Quick hit Monday

Just a quick hit.
I did return to my office this morning and still have times were I walk like the ground is slanted but the roar is going south finally.
I have this bruise on my neck like I've been in a fight with one of Tony Soprano's men.
All in in, really, it's getting better.
Now just waiting until Dec 11th for the surgery follow up
Then it will be wait one more week after that... Dec 18th for activation.
Please tell me the ringing doesn't return when they flip the switch!!

Interesting story: Emmy went to stay with friends in Fayetteville and Terri drove 1/2 way to pick up her up yesterday. A big cold front was coming and David called from Fayetteville as he was going back and the south side of the tunnel was 69 and the north side when he came out was 39.... that's a trip!

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Abbie said...

I remember my neck being fairly sore but I can imagine that they did some mighty stretching or clamped my head down. You should be in the home stretch by now and feeling on top of the world :)