Saturday, November 24, 2007

It takes a village

It takes a village... actually it took several hours to set up the village. Every year we have a Christmas village that I have to stand on to or three chairs to put together. It's on top of our entertainment center. Looks real nice now that it's night time.

I didn't put the outside lights up this afternoon since it was getting colder and cloudier. I bet I'm going to wish I had. Not sure next weekend (3 days after surgery) would be the best time to do it either. HA! It would be like a real life version of Christmas Vacation.

Well Terri and Ty made it home but not a lot of big stories to tell. They did do the right thing and stop at Panara on the way back and brought me a few bagels and Hazelnut cream cheese. (Yes, Melissa, I hear you laughing!). I really don't need any other Christmas gifts... that was what I really wanted!

Emily walked in a while ago and handed me the movie 300!!! She bought it this afternoon for 3 dollars!! Yeaizzzzz!!!! Love that movie!

Tyler told me he would email the link to his bosses video library. I've seen the list once and it's pages and pages. But then they are work on videos so they have all the latest.

I thought for a moment about going out on the bike today but with it being cold and surgery coming up I didn't want to chance getting sinus or a cold. I have a friend who was supposed to have prostate surgery a couple of weeks ago and they had to reschedule because he got a cold. I would com unglued if i had to reschedule the CI surgery. I've waited so long and I would have to wait until probably late Jan or early Feb to get back on Dr. D's surgery list.

This CI is like waiting for a baby... you know it's coming very soon but the waiting is crazy stuff!


TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

Good call on not biking. Don't want to chance it, eh?

Stay tuned...

Jeff said...

Hi Geo!

I got your comment on my blog -- great to hear from you!

Your decision to not take a bike ride cracked me up. I did the same thing yesterday with some yardwork. Having this surgery postponed at this point due to catching a cold (or a spider bite) would be traumatic!

Good luck tomorrow!