Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where to start -- Part 2

Where to start -- Part 2
Spent the day in Benton and had a BLAST! Took Dad to his doc appointments and Mom tagged along. He got his flu shot too so my stress level has gone down now.

We called my sister (Sherry) who lives in Benton and told her we finished up and we were coming to kidnap her and go to lunch. Ended up at TaMolleys. It was good.

Ok... funny family story time (Sherry is thinking..."Oh no!")
Sherry broke her leg several weeks ago and now has a boot. We went to lunch in my Explorer and when she got ready to leave after lunch she keeping trying to hop in. With the leg still a tad bit tender she couldn't "hop" in. She was getting a little flustered and finally I felt sorry for her. Said, "Hey Sherry, if you turn around you can just sit on the sit then pull you legs in." We both busted out laughing.

At home Dad was in his chair and Mom brought his pills in and she starts feeding them to him like like Cleopatra and the King. She did it with such grace and I suddenly busted out laughing. After I explained what was so funny Dad was laughing so hard he coughed.

Sherry told me how much her kids HATED the garden and had to go pick vegetables all the time one summer. I remember that summer. I think they were dabbing in the Quaker faith that summer.

She told me about hiking up to Pinnacle Mountain once and it started storming and they couldn't get down fast enough. I reminded her of a time that she and I went hiking. We were lost in the forest for days with no food or shelter. OK, maybe it was a couple of hours, but it felt like days... didn't it Sherry?
Note to Jim: Your mom said you used to mow you Grand mom Gardner's yard for about 5 minutes then your mom had to always finish it. Then rumor has it you got the money for mowing. With compounded interest I think you owe your mom about 6 grand.

I love going down there and visiting and listening to all the funny stories and "theories" they have.

One the way home it was 10 mph all the way down I-430. I saw two wrecks going to the folks this morning and one lady slipped across the median and into the oncoming lane of traffic on the interest. The wreck happened seconds before I topped the hill. Another wreck on an exit ramp just a few miles up the road. On the way back the storm hit as I was on the river bridge. I HATE to be on the bridge when strong gusty winds and hard rain hits. It happened one year coming across a bay in Panama City and I had my foot all the way down to the floor and our car was going about 5 mph then lightening struck a tree just as we got off the bridge. Yes, it warped me for life.

Here's s few photos of the dessert cook off at the hospital

Me on the left and the hospital Chaplin, Del on the right.

Martha was the winner and it was one AWESOME dessert!

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LOL! You look like you are so enthralled in your desert :)