Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Run along

It's been a good week as far as training goes. Of course it's baby steps but then that's what I keep hearing about marathon training. Slow and easy build up. I'm sure before long I'll push myself a bit more and more but I'm following the Jeff Galloway plan. A buddy named Scott is a runner and a serious one. I asked him what was the one thing you wished someone would have told you about running when you started. He told me to train on hills for endurance and to read a book from cover to cover called, "Marathon, you can do it." It's by Jeff Galloway and it's a great little book packed with good stuff.
I hope you got to see the October 4th episode of Biggest Looser. Tim Tebow and Drew Brees made appearances as well as several other NFL greats. The thing I noticed about Tebow and Brees as that they seemed to be the most generous with their time. Tebow was awesome with the folks on the show. He got right in the middle of it all and worked out hard with them. He seems like a genuinly good guy. It was inspirationsal to me. I told myself that I would ride the spin bike while the show was on. I made it for an hour. I didn't realize when I decided to do the spin that the show was 2 hours long. HA!

Terri has been in MN for the past few days on business and got home tonight! Great to have her home. I bet I sleep better.

Life is good!
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