Thursday, January 05, 2006

Almost Friday!

Even though it has been a short week, I'm still glad tomorrow is Friday! I don't have a heavy afternon schedule so it should be nice. Maybe I can sneak out early for a ride. I've been in the email loop with several gys I normally ride with and sounds like the Saturday morning ride is on. It's gonna be a chilly one but this group is a lot of fun so cold want damped the spirits.

Tyler seems to have settled back into Denver life quickly. We just had a call from Shalyn and she's going to stop by with a gift. I don't know what the gift is or what's it's for but she's a sweetheart for doing that.

Sean and Emily are out running around as teenagers do.

Terri is getting better but still is fighting the leftovers of the cold we've both had. I'm still coughing and fighting sinus and this is going on week 3. UGH!

So Texas beat USC last night in the Rose Bowl. That was an upset. USC beat Ark with one of the worse defeats in hog history. I'm not a Texas fan at all but was still glad they beat USC.

I have my Foundation meeting next week to discuss whether I'll ride this sumer as a fundraiser or not. I'm asking them to do the soliciting this year since that's what they do. I think if they will back me then I'll ride, if not then I'll do something else. I'm still going to Destin in July, that's 146 days away!

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