Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rainy Sunday workouts and Denver

Woke to lightening and thunder about 5:30 this morning and rolled back over. I have to admit, the rain is nice. Been raining steady all day. We went to church and another guy, Greg Clark from Tulsa, OK was speaking as a try-out for our new pastor position. I really liked this guy.

We're in the 3rd quarter of the Broncos vs Steelers and I'm hoping for a Bronco miracle here! I'm not much of a football crazy like so many of my buds but Denver I really like. Maybe because I've actually been to the stadium last month.

Speaking of Denver, Tyler let us know yesterday that he is returning home! It's one of those happy/sad sort of deals. He loves Denver but I think there is a little girl living in North Little Rock that he loves too. He'll be moving back in a couple of weeks. He has been looking at different video jobs around and has some good leads already. I'm not too worried about him finding something. One of the nice things about him moving back is that Terri will stop worrying all the time. She'll take care of him no doubt! HA! Mom's do that. Mine still does. HA!

I went to the hospital fitness center this afternoon and was surprised to see a crowd. I pulled out the fitness schedule Rance had me on last spring and loaded it into a Excel spreadsheet so I could add several extra columns to track weight and diet. I'm going back to my 5 days a week in the center as core strengthening and as the days began to get longer I'll either ride my bike 9.7 miles to work or ride after work. Since my bike tour is a month earlier this year, I've got to get on the stick. I really need to be out there riding 6 days a week like I was to get some of the extra weight off. By the way, I woke up some lazy muscles that had been in hibernation. I could feel the love!

It was fun the other day when I plotted the route for the summer tour. I remembered certain places and can't wait to return! I'm really hoping I can get a Hampton Inn sponsorship for the 5 nights I'm in towns with Hampton's. I've just not had a bad experience with them whether it's business or pleasure.

I did get a good ride in yesterday. Started midafternoon and rode til sundown for 42 miles. About 5:30 I was towards the end of the ride when I rounded the corner and noticed a lot of cars coming through the gate by the river. Most were trucks. Then it dawned on me, George Strait was playing Alltel Arena to a sold out crowd. Guess it was tailgate party time. I made it to the turn around and then got to buzz back to the car with tailwind! That's the best way to end a ride.... zoom zoom!

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