Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tyler's back!

A beautiful day in Little Rock!

We got a call last night from Tyler and he was in KS. We thought he was staying there for the night but he drove through and stopped about 4am at some truck stop for breakfast and about 6:30 he was coming down our street. It's good to have him back. He'll be job searching and apartment searching. A college graduate! Still great! I'm going to put him to work producing a really knock out promo for my summer tour. Hay, that's what he majored in so it's the least he can do for his dad! HA!

I was supposed to be at Gator's by 6 last night for a night light ride down by the river but I got there about 10 after and I could see the group leaving the parking lot. Try as I may to get my gear on and pedal like a madman to catch them, just didn't happen plus they took a turn so I missed them all together. I rode 15 miles in the dark, well with my headlights on. I saw deer, armadillo and a raccoon couple. At one time there was a loud crashing in the brush just beside me. Someone said this morning it was Bigfoot heading back to the mothership! As loud as it was, I almost believe it.

Today is beautiful outside as I finish my Backyard Burger chicken sandwich for lunch. Days like this make it hard to stay insdie and work but I got to pay some bills and support my daughter's mall habit! HA!

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