Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The rain came!

We finally got some rain and everyone is happy! It's early in the morning and Sadie is acting like a wild animal! Oh man, she's crazy. I tried to get her to go out but she wouldn't because she has only seen rain 1 time I think so she finally goes out and it's like someone pouring Red Bull in her. She keeps running to the door so I keep letting her out and she goes out and runs around and runs back in (I leave the door cracked so she can get back in). Then I have to wipe up the paw prints.

I went out and rode the Monday Night Light ride along the river. It's a lot of fun because all the animals come out. You just have to watch for them because sometimes they lay down on the bike path or poop on it. Both are bad! We saw a few deer. We went up Ft Roots drive to the top which I hadn't done at night before. I felt really good climbing the hill for the first time in a while. As we climbed I noticed the lights of the city. Wow what a view! I hought the daytime view was great, you should see it at night! We all made it back safe and promised to be back out there next Monday. Sure beats a spin class!

Linsey sent out ther "How many people are going to the family Florida vacation?" email yesterday. I'm excited!

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