Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You're gonna do what again?

I had a meeting with our Foundation department the other day and Fred, the VP, and I had a discussion about the money raised. I said, really, ten thousand dollars is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. But Fred disagreed and said, "George do you realize you saved a life by doing your ride last summer?" The money I raised paid for the helicopter to go get a child. When he said that everything stopped for a moment. I knew right then that I would be riding again this summer.

The first plan was to ride from Canada to the hospital but things just weren't looking good for that. I read a couple of journals and saw the problems folks had along the way. I looked at maps and there were places that bikes couldn't go. So I'll do a repeat of last year. I had fun and I won't have the nervousness I had last year because I've done the route. I'll go a little slower this time and take more photos. I'm also going to ride from Saturday, June 3rd to Friday, June 16th.
I meet with the marketing team on Feb 2nd. Then I'll start parting everything together. Honestly, I can't wait!!!

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