Saturday, January 28, 2006

From 1 to 3

Emily and Her friend Melissa in Denver for Ty's graduation.

Terri wanted me to paint Em old bedroom since she moved into Ty's old bedroom. Her room was some shade of Disney screaming rah-rah blue that young teens would have. Now her new bedroom is a relaxing color with a few AR Razorback stuff here and there. She says she's going to UA Fayetteville so she's getting a head start I guess. Anyway, Terri and I discussed the color for the new "guest/office/study/junk/spinning" room. She wanted it a shade darker than the rest of the house so her and Emily ran down to National Homecenter (Sean works there) and got paint. 3 cans of paint! I was to paint the guest room, plus the kitchen about the chair rail the same color as the rest of the house and below the chair rail is going to be maroon or as it says on the can "Berry Cobbler". Yep, the Cobb's paint their rooms cobbler!

I left the office early because I had not gotten a chance to ride this week and they were saying 80% chance of rain on Saturday so I got home and out the door. I rode every street in about a 5 neighborhood area and got in 17 miles of hills. That's all we have in this part of central Arkansas. Well, it's makes for a good cyclist.

I got up this morning fully expecting it to be raining and it wasn't! I could go ride but when I stood out on the deck while Sadie did her business i could feel the mist. No thanks on the ride. I would rather ride in the rain than the mist because it's like black ice. You don't know you are about to hit the wet spot until it's too late. Bust your tail!

We got some photos back from Denver so I'll post them. There are some good ones from Ty's graduation and one of me at Invesco Field (Go Broncs!)

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