Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to the routine of life...

We seem to look forward to the holidays so much but somewhere during it all we begin to long for the routine we had before the holidays. Today it seems most folks got back to the routine. Sure, it's a short week but traffic was back to full force. The couple of times I was in our lobby it seemed quite which surprised me. Something tells me in a few days it will pick up.

Tyler returned to Denver yesterday but not witout a few tears from everyone. Hard to believe that he has graduated from college and is now starting his professional life. He'll do good out there.

I requested to come in a coupld of hours early on Tuesday and Thursday so I could have more daylight time to train on my bike. The off season has really taken it toll. I did ride yesterday and felt good even with the wind blasting me in the face. But the ride back was so fun because it was effortless with tailwind! I remember last winter that I would start at Alltel Arena and ride north into the wind as the first 7.5 miles then I got to turn around and had wind pushing e all the way back to the car for the return. I saw a few folks yesterday that were new riders and had made the mistake of riding with the wind only to turn around and realize they then had to ride against the wind to get back to their cars. I remember as a newbie rider how I did that a few times and it's so hard to ride back. You are completly drained when you finish.

I had lunch with my marathon running bud, Gary, and he had run this morning sarting at 5:30. Said he never saw daylight and he ran for an hour. It will soon be getting daylight longer little by little.

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