Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekends are for ridin'

I got up late (7am). Well that's late for me. Made breakfast and coffee and sat on the sofa and just started the day off slow. It was cold outside and I didn't do my best last week with the club ride and I was thinking to myself. Why not wait and ride in the afternoon warmth? So I did. I got a great 52.7 miler down this afternoon and could ahve kept going but the sun went down behind the hill and boy did it get col fast! It was 70 at the beginning of my ride and 48 about 2 and half hours later. I saw Lee and Connie out riding their sweet Cannondales and they were coming as I was going so I did what any competitive cyclist would do. I went on up to the rest stop but just slowed and rode in a couple of parking lot circles whle drinking sweet tea out of one of my water bottles then off I go. I really didn't think I would catch them but about 3.5 miles down the rode I did and rode with them back to their car. I was nice. The plan tomorrow is to go to church and hear to guy that's trying out for the preaching spot and then be under the 430 bridge at 1 to ride with the club. Rance said he might come out and ride with us. I really need him to be out there so I can smoke his can! HA!

Terri had the old in her eye return with vengance! It's nasty. All oooozzzy. I had to beg her to slow down a bit and rest so the eye will heal. The pain was so bad that we had to call the doctors exchange but they couldn't really do anything else unless she went to the ER.

She was feeling a little better to we went over to Kroger and did the grocery shopping.

Now Sean, Emily's boyfriend has a headache. Emily had it earlier theis week and I had to pick her up from school and she eve stayed home he next day. Hope he didn't get that.

I did finally get he rest of the Christmas stuff put back up in the attic this morning and all arranged. It felt good to see the garage clean again.

Terri talked to Tyler and he is working at Boston Market but not at 42 Productions. So it has bummed him out somewhat. He is looking at jobs closer to home now.

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