Saturday, January 07, 2006


Thought you'd get a kick out of this! Yes, it's a squirrel that got run over by a bike. I don't know who the lucky rider was but the photo was posted on the bike journal were I log my miles. Yes, the little rodent broke the folk of the bike. Wonder if insurance pays for something like that?

Oh well, been a nice day. Met the guys of Carve at 8:30 for a 42 mile ride in the country. I have to remember to take more gel packets and use them. Gel packs are food in gel form. Most are like a spon full of cake icing. Good stuff. Today was the first "real" ride I've had since early December and boy did I pay for it. It was 36 when we started and once we got away from the city there was nothing to block the wind and it was windy. When i finally got to the front of the group to pull it was straight on headwind and tough. After I did my pull then I was going to drop to the back of the line and blow my nose but when I slowed down I didn't have the strength to get back with the group. There were some behind me and some in front so I fought the wind solo for a few miles until we turned and got the the stop/break point. That was nice because I was able to have a gel and water and it made me feel 100% better. Then as we were heading back I got cramps off and on in BOTH legs. I'd never had that better. I was tough!

I have my meeting with Foundation on Wednesday so we'll have some yes or no touring news when I blog Wednesday afternoon or night. Stay tuned!

We've had a couple of families that left Sylvan Hills church for other places. I suspect there will be more before they hire a peacher. We are trying to hang in there until the dust settles but with this Sunday being the "Budget Sunday" I think several families will be visiting other places. We might, not sure though. Sad to see this happening to a wonderful family but growth is hard and you have to go where you feel you are needed and fed.

Have a great weekend and watch for squirrels!

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