Sunday, January 29, 2006

So many people

Got up and went to church. Sean met us there and then came home with us for lunch. He and Emily are completely nuts over each other. He's a good guy and we enjoy having him around.
We had a good time at lunch because Terri made his favorites and I blamed him for not getting fried okra, he laughed an said but you're getting upgraded mashed potatoes.

I went out to ride some distance since it rained yesterday and I didn't get to go out. I rode with the club and then rode quite a while afterwards solo. I kept the speed up around 18 and that was witht ehsouth wind blowing. With the club we keep it in the 18-20 mph zone but you get to tuck in behind friends which makes it a lot easier. I also did some hill work in preparation for the ride I'm leading in a few weeks called the Triple Bypass. Not the big one by the same name in Colorado. I would love to go out there and ride it one day. I ended up riding with a fellow Carve rider and talking about the upcoming camp. He said that he can train all year just to try and ride Donnie or Hunters wheel. Those guys are superhuman on their bikes. There were so many folks on the bike paths today that at times you couldn't get any speed. Still a good day that ended with 52 miles under my belt.

One of the riders in the club is one of my Tuesday/Thursday bunch "Fast Girls and Slow Guys" club. Jenn is married to Chris and they both are great folks. Anyway Jenn works just about a block or two away from my office so we are going to ride a few days a week at lunch.. There are others around that ride lunch as well and I'm hoping to get some ACH folks to ride. It would be get to have a lunch crowd.

Tyler is leaving denver behind tomorrow around noon. I wonder how he really feels about that? I hope he has a good safe trip back.

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