Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coming back around to what's important

It's been an interesting day for me. It started with a change in what I eat for breakfast. This morning it was granola, a banana and a small glass of chocolate milk. I felt better this morning than I have in weeks and I really didn't sleep that well (woke about 3 times during the night). But something just felt different.

Work was sort of crazy with quoting salaries and some system problem uncovered. A little stress there.

There was a lunch for all the employees that are part of the Travel to Wellness fitness program. The food was great and catered from Capers. Then we had a speaker for UAMS Center on Aging. Dr David as he is known. It's funny because a lot of people try and not say his last name which is Lipschit (sp?). He was one of the best speakers and he was funny and very real. He made us to glad to be alive and gave you hope for turning old. He told us that weight is not the most important thing but being happy and loving. I think that sort of stopped everyone in their tracks. He was telling us different things about being old and that if a person is overweight a little or chunky but they have a wonderful life of happiness and love then they are far better than the ones that are on every diet and trying to look Hollywood ruining realtionships, etc. I walked out feeling great!

Then I get home and hug my wife and daughter. We have dinner and they go to run an errand and Em asked me if I had ever heard of Lynard Skynard. I just laughed. Kids! Anyway she had downloaded Simple Man and loves that song. She asked if I liked any other of his songs. Again, I laughed and told her that "he" was a "group". They left and I was alone to list to some of the songs she had downloaded. She had a great collection of all sorts of songs. Then I saw a few I dared myself to listen to. Butterfly Kisses, Beautiful, I don't want to miss a thing, Here to worship. I listened to Beautiful first and got teary eyed. It's the song my neice Linsey walked down the isle to marry Joe. And she was Beautiful. Emily was in that wedding as one of the maids and she was beautiful as well. During the song it dawned on me that someday she would be walking down that isle. Someday a long way off but someday. I picture my beautiful daughter walking with me holding her arm, dressed in white carrying flowers is just overwhelming. The next song was Butterfly Kisses. That one is special too because of the words and every dad is lying if he says he can keep I dry eye and think of his daughter(s) during that song. It's too powerful. It was also a song played just a year ago this week at my friend Geoff Hartmann's celebration of life (funeral). He left a wife and 2 daughters. I'm certain that he is waiting for them on a cloud somewhere with butterfly kisses. One of the other songs "Here to worship" by Sonic Flood just took me to my knees. I realized that things have gotten sort of off balance lately. I've slipped in places and haven't been the dad/husband/leader I should be.

Isn't it strange that all these piece came together today? Is it wonderful how God works?
Today was just Beautiful...............

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Lance Notstrong said...

LOL Geo!!! I've gotten that same thing about older music from my kids. They ask about bands I listen to when I was their age. Something cool now is all the "retro" concert t-shirts. I got some of my old ones out for my was like "here ya's VH's 1984 concert t-shirt.....from 1984 not a copy"!!! :-)