Sunday, January 15, 2006


It was a windy and cool afternoon of riding with the Arkansas Bicycle Club. I rode with Will and Chris part of the way back and I told Will it's always a good day if I can keep up with him. He laughed. Good guy, fast rider. Got 36.7 mles in today with an average of 17.34 mph. Not to shabby with a wind blowing.

Terri is much better today. Her eye is looking good. She stayed in from church services today and when em and I got home she had started lunch. I ate baked pork chops and she made a new dish the Paula Dern (?) made on TV yesterday that I thought looked good. Terri has her cook book and made the dish. It was great! I ate more of it when I came in from riding.

Tomorrow is the MLK holiday for many. We don't get this holiday at the hospital but a lot of folks take a long lunch break and go down the block to where the parade comes through and celebrate. MLK seemed like a good man and I wish he was still around.

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