Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to the basics?

I've thought long and hard about what the problems might be this year with my riding. You know when you start trying to analyze something like this and your imagination runs wild. Well, I did that and survived. But it just keeps bothering me over and over. I was sending an email to a friend that was expressing his concern and when I typed in the words "core training", the light bulb came on. Maybe that's the difference. Last year I was using my lunches in the fitness center focusing on core training. Could that really make such a difference? The I also remember last year my trainer telling me as I was several weeks into it and before the state tour ride that he and another trainer were really worried because the first day I came in and was assessed they thought I wouldn't last but with the training I did manage to ride 14 consecutive days of almost century per day rides. I had cancelled my fitness center membership because it was spring/summer and I would rather spend my time out with friends and coworkers eating and laughing. I rejoined and will start going back after the ride this weekend. Maybe it will give me the edge I need for the BDB100 on Oct 1st. I know some of you docs and fitness folks read this so send me an email to cobbgeo@gmail.com and tell me what you think.I got my own MP3 player yesterday. Actually it was a part of the fitness challenge stuff. It's about the size of a lighter and holds 126 songs. I had a blast going through the ITunes last night and downloading songs I hadn't thought about in years. I even loaded up some funky tunes. There was even songs from the soundtrack of Forrest Gump. Cajun bluesy stuff. It's the sort of tunes you listen to on the front porch on a hot August night when there is no wind blowing. Pass the crawfish!Oh, hey, we have a new place opening probably this weekend while I'm gone called Gabriel’s. It's a Cajun place and I can walk to it from my house! My nephew Matt is going to be working there. Ahhh yea-us gumbo has come to the neighborhood! Matt said the owner is real cajun. I will be there as one of the first customers! Y'all come over. It's Gabriel’s and it's right behind Taco Bell on the corner of JFK and North Hills (across from the North Hills Country Club).Emmy returned to school yesterday and they had drama the first day... of course. Seems all the seniors painted their names on parking spots all across the front (hummm, is that not vandalizing?) and the kids that got to school before the Sr parade arrived parked in those spots and the seniors were all mad. Don't you miss those days? Me neither! HA! Other than that everything seemed to have gone smooth. I hear the new principal is sharp and is about to crack down with the no cell phone and dress respectable code. Yea, I would say put him on your prayer list too! HA!Tonight is club ride and I'll be out there. No, I don't know if I'll ride the whole ride since I still have blister butt but we'll see. I rode a few days after I got it last time and was fine.I'm really looking forward to the coming BIG ride this weekend in Texas! 7am departure time! The club is having a carbo load party on Thursday and we'll have one at the hotel on Friday night. The ride is on Saturday morning and return home on Sunday. Yep, I'll load up the photos but it will be when I get home on Sunday.

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