Thursday, August 17, 2006

I didn't know that sounded like that (New hearing aid day)

It's really not to often that I am so stunned that I don't know what to say but tonight has proven to be one of thse nights. I went over to our Audiology dept this afternoon and worked with Mary with my new hearing aid. I actually have two to choose from. Unitron and Phonak (Yes, as in Floyd Landis Phonak). Both are awesome. Right now I'm jammin to IPOD tunes pumped right into the aid! Serious, it' like a THX surround sound into my head! Weeeee!

I spent the whole afternoon in awe. I heard things I've not heard in years and years. I can hear a keyboard clicking. (Sorry but I have to interupt this to remind one of my riding buds something... click click click... fix your bottom bracket) Ok as I wa saying something about hearing things I've not heard in years. I could carry on a conversation in the car. With older hearing aids the roar of the car is so loud you can't hear the radio or people speaking. When I would go to lunch with my coworker Jason I could never hear the guy.

The radio in the car sounds really good too! I rocked out with "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy on the way to my ride tonight! I got out of the car and the was a breeze and what was that noise? A couple of dry leaves rolling across the parking lot. I had forgotten how they sound. I just stood there for a moment and soaked it all in. Something as simple as a couple of leaves blowing across a parking lot was about to make me tear up. I could hear someone talking. Oh man, they were on the other side of the parking lot. I just stood and smile.

I hopped on the bike and started riding to the ride and Ian came riding up. I told him I was testing my new hearing aid and we carried on a social conversation while riding! Too cool! Usually all I hear is wind noise.

We arrived at the ride and was greeted by a whole pack of riders. I know what it's really called but I'm trying to see how many names I can come up without using group.

Yale gathered everyone up and I stayed in the back and heard every word he said. Then off we rode. I and conversation with several in the group and it was just too overwhelming. I'm hearing everything. I heard gears shifting. I had felt mine shift before but I'd never heard them. Man there were a lot of gears clicking too. I heard lots of birds. Tweet Tweet Tweet.

We made it to the first hill climb of the night and everyone was climbing good, well except me but I was having a blast because I was listening to a conversation going on around the switchback, just up the hill. I know you're tired of me saying this but it was just too cool.

We got to the top and I could hear several converations going on and I could actually clue into them. I know that's considered eves dropping but well get over it! HA! After a few minutes we head down the hill and I go slow meainly because I can hear my bike like I've never heard it before. Did you know the tires make this whizzing sound.

We did a repeat and then back to Cooks. Hung out there a few then headed back for the second part of the ride and I dropped off at my car. I wanted to go and hear more new things. Wow, my car door sure sounds different.

I was welcomed home to a sweet wife that has a different voice. It's a lot higher pitch then it was this morning. I had gone to the farmers market today at the hospital and had bought some squash and other stuff. Terri Googled Dixie Cafe Baked Squash and got the recipe and had it waiting. It's my favorite and her's taste just like theirs! Ok folks this day cannot get any better!

Emmy and Sean came in and Terri said something about you better be careful he can hear everything now. I turned around and said yep, I sure can!

What will I hear tomorrow? I ain't wait!!!!

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