Monday, August 14, 2006

Later on Sunday...

This has to go down as one of my favorite all time rides on the river!

I held out on all the possible rides today so I could work around the yard and help Terri get things ready for small group at our house. And here's what happened...

When I worked in the yard I was drenched in sweat. Yep it was one of those nasty ring it out t-shirts by the time I was done. I was thinking about the FGSG ride that started that morning and hoped that they had made it back in. I thought about the 1pm ride in hopes that they were going to be able to manage the heat. Yep, all I could think about was riding and kept telling myself that I could ride at sundown.

I cooled down a bit and was planning on bike maintenance as soon as Terri and Emmy got back from Wal Mart. They were picking up some degreaser since I had run out. They bought this stuff called Greased Lightening BLAST. Wow this stuff is awesome! When I read the label it reads like one of those clean all products that Billy whats-his-name is always selling on TV. I'm seeing shiney new bike silver! All cleaned up and ready for lube. Awww crud! No Triflow oil for the chain. So I shower and head over to Acdemy Sports since it's just through the hood and Arkansas Cycle and Fitness is closed on Sunday as is all the bike shops. I find this stuff called XR1 lube over with all the other regular bike stuff. It says it's formulated for "speed"! Red Bull in a bike lube huh! Su-weet! HA!

We had small group and after they left Terri went over to her uncles to visit her parents, Emmy went to b-friends house. I had 2 choices, sit at home or go ride. The choice was so easy! HA! I was's where I finish the story if you've been reading.... suited up and out the door and driving to the river. I got out and it was so cool! The sky was the blue of a post cold front. I was on the bike and there were hardly no one on the trail. I saw several small puddles of water which were tattle tales of them getting rain and we didn't. The skyline was washed in orange and the river calm. The geese were out socializing in the water. I look over at the bank temperature display and see heaven! 78 degrees! Yes!!!

Off I head down the trail and there is no wind. 20 mph was done with ease. I get to the hill going down into the forrest and look over to see a beautiful sunset with the Arkansas Queen riverboat coming around he bend. Man, I needed that camera right then.

I move along with ease and look down to see 21mph. Where is this coming from? Out to the hay field and suddenly I'm blown away by what I'm looking at! The storm that past is on the hornizon like looking at the rocky mountains. It's sundown down here but the clouds are like a huge mushroom painted in oranges, purples and whites. I actually stop and just stare at it a moment. Serious friends, it was breath taking beautiful.

I continue on my way and head over the little bridge an curne into the jungle. The road is wet and the air cool and thick with the smell of wet earth and leaves. I wish someone could bottle that smell because other than fresh cut grass, sheets that have been hung on a clothes line and steaks cooking on a grill, this earhty smell is one of my favorites. As I rode there the was a white crane standing out in the water. Riding I bit further I spot a doe with her fawn. This fawn looks really young.

I make it on out to cooks and ride down by the new almost completed bike bridge. It's looking good! Can't wait for it to open.

The I start heading back. I see one other person on a road bike. He's slim and seems to be moving fairly fast. I sight him him in my mental scope that I would like to catch him. Off I go. Man, the youngster is moving. 21...22...23...24. Oh man I'm not blowing out! I'm not catching up either! HA! I keep a great tempo all the way back to the turn off to riverfront park and my unknown bud curves on around on the road and heads like he'll be going back over the bridge to the LR side. Whoever you were, thanks for a great ride.

The speed, the views, the end to a perfect day.

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