Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The race horse that found us

I spent the day in a seminar doodling drawings of bicycles, eating cookies and counting down the minutes til it was time to run to the car and get home, change out our to the river. I get to ride one of the regular group rides. My other family.

I parked over by the dog park and rode to the ride. Paul Britt and I had a nice social pace ride over to the start point. As we got to the end of the trail or Cook's Parking area, it looked like a Saturday. Cars everywhere! There are a massive amount of bikes and riders all standing around talking and laughing. Yale herds the group for annoucements. I can feel my phone vibrating but missed the call. I click the recall and talk to Brandon. He was just up the road. The group is slowly beginning to move (yep, like a herd HA!). Brandon jumps out and throws on shoes and gloves which he was laughing about because they are old Pearl's his has had since high school. We move along and I told him we should catch the very back end of the group. The only folks we pass are Barry who is back out on his road bike and recouping really well and Paul who has been working hard getting his bike fitness up there. He's doing a great job too. We can see the group heading over the bridge.

We make it over and Brandon tells me he has never been over here before. I give him tips on certain places like having to ride the stinking sidewalk, the post in the middle of the trail at the bottom of the hill, the curve where the sand washed out in the middle, blah blah blah. I told him too that when the front group gets over here to the LR side once they pass Alltel they crank the speed. Once we get over to the golf course Brandon cuts loose and it's like watching a race horse out in the field. You get excited because you know what can become of this young man. Ah yes, another Chris Shaw is born. Have mercy!

I did get to ride with Blake, our youngest speed demon. This guy is rocking it out at the age of 11. But he's a big guy like his dad and his mom works with me at the hospital. Super family. Hey Blake, keep it up man! The whole club is proud of you!

We are closing in on the stop point where Dr Mark has his Highlander open and tossing Gators and water. The group is so big it looks like one of those critical mass rides you read about in the bigger cities. I heard someone say 48 when I rode by. 48??!!! Wow! I'm not sure if that was really a real number or if they were joking of my slowness. HA!

When I got stopped and hung out with Brandon and intro'd him around to a few folks. I pointed out our turbo racers. About that time I heard the familiar zipping sound of bikes coming down Overlook. Here comes Brian flying down the hill. There are a couple of others as well. Man they were moving!

As the group begins to start heading back I look at Brandon and point out Chris Shaw and told him to go and keep up with him. He smiled and took off. Yep, the new race horse STAYED with the front group all the way back. He was all smiles when I got to the parking lot. I was glad he did it. Ok, we are talking about a young man who bought a road bike 2 weeks ago and he is already smoking. If he jumps on the race train, look out Carve! HA!

As I rode back to the car over by the dog park I spotted something small and white hopping through the grass. Awww, someone's little white dog. He's got long white hair and cute. then... he turns around and he has a black face... YIKES... the shunk!!!! He looks right at me and then turns around and tail goes up in the air. I confess my sins and get ready to ride right off into the river because this is going to be really bad! But nothing... huh?! He puts his tail down and heads on his merry way. I warn a group of oncoming riders and wish them well.

It was a fun ride tonight and was good to be back. Thursday night the Maumelle Monitor is coming out to see this latest bicycle craze. Cool!

HH100 is just about 10 days away! I'm ready for a road trip!

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