Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hotter'n Hell 100 Road Trip -- Day 3 Sunday

John enjoying the morning news

Keith and Chris. Keith had on a great t-shirt. It was something like, "I'm a superhero but without powers or motivation."

Hey Geo, enough with the photos man, we gotta go!

Most of the crew on the morning after

The bronze yee-haa statue outside our hotel

Yes, this was "my space" for the ride. It wasn't as bad as it looks.

Mr. Cafe Americano

It least we didn't have this during the ride!

Run Toto Run!!!!

DUDE! That was an awesome road trip! Yep, ya know it's been a good trip when you visit the hospital and wake up the next morning not knowing where you are and finding you only have one lens left in your glasses! Party on!

Road Trip day 3

I woke around 6:30 or so and pushed the coffee button. Gimme caffine and now! I quitely began to pack my things and put up the sofa bed. I had slept like a baby after yesterday's ride and excitment. I walked down to the paper box and got the next to the last paper. Several stories about the ride. It was fun to get a paper packed full of bicycle stuff. This is what every Sunday paper should be like.

John and Diane woke and came in the den and headed straight for the coffee. Then John took my paper and made himself at home. Ok, maybe not. I was finished with it. I went out into the indoor court yeard and saw Yale and Jo and we took a table in the corner. A few moments later more of the crew were walking their bikes to the cars and soon everyone was loading up. I went to the room and as I was coming back out Jenn walked by and I half expected her to yell, "Fast Girls Sloew Guys".

As we were all about ready to leave it began to sprinkle. Oh yeah, Keith was looking like his old self. He had color. I lugged a container of Gator and a container of water.

First stop was the c-store to get more newspapers. Everyone wanted an issue to take home. Several loaded up with cokes but I was going to hold out until we found the Starbucks. On the road again and heading toward home.

I kept looking for the fake Wichita Falls but somehow I missed them. Oh well, maybe next year.
We got our little auto pace line going on and most of the cars seen had bikes on them.
Headed through Lawton then on up to OK City and stopped at the Starbucks. Java Chip Frap! Oh yes! I can feel it hitting my viens. Sweet caffine. Several went next door to Wendys and got lunch stuff and we all ate out on he patio of Starbucks.

Back in the cars and next stop was 20 miles west of Ft Smith for lunch. I don't remember the name of the town. Several went to Subway and the rest to Arby's. I was part of the Arby's gang. I called Terri to let her know where we were. We had been riding in the rain most of the time.
We rolled over the river and through Ft Smith and then we seemed to head into harder raines. It would come and go but when it rained it rained hard now. As we got to Russellville it began to really pour. Enought to make us slow way down and use the flashers.

Soon we were heading through Conway and the clouds began to break up. Finally!

We got back to Cook's Landing and Terri arrived shortly afterwards. We said our goodbys and headed to the house.

It was a good road trip and honestly one of the best I've had. I was a whole lot better than the Ride the roses trip to Austin last year.

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