Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh man, Geo's on his soapbox y'all!!!!

I got out to the ride just as the club was leaving so I spoke to Mark for just a moment and then Paul and I rode together then Mike Mitchell jumped on and then I rode with Becca for a little while then got to draft behind Wheatie for a bit. Even though I was late and stopped and talked I could still see the club up ahead and at the rate they were riding I could have caught them. I'm scratching my head wondering what on earth is going on up there. Another rider and I were 2 up and he said, "yeah, we got in trouble." I almost wrecked. You what?! In trouble for what? Speeding on the river trail. Ah, it suddenly made sense. The famous posting on the bike club website. Here's the deal. Someone who rode with us last year and rode fast is now on a campaign to crash our party. Well tonight the club was spooked. It was like watching someone with a BMW and their foot all the way down on the gas but the other foot on the brake. A sad sight.

Now on to happier things. The club had a great ride once they got to the road and cut loose. We passed Ken (past president of BACA). Judy was embedded in our group with no complaints at all. On the way to the ride I saw several groups and one was a pretty big group and they were moving but no problems. Several other smaller groups of roadies came whizzing by and no problems. Hey, everone was out having a good time. It was a beautiful summer afternoon with HH100 on the brain. Oh yeah, Charlie was out there too and was at the detour and his group and my group came together at the turn and there were no problems. So exactly where is the problem folks?

Ok, butt report... HA! The ride was fine and I think it really was the old shorts that was causing the problem. Those freebie Toyota Racing bibs I got free are awesome and I think I'll wear them to HH100. Now, what jersey? My ACH jersey is white and would be the coolest I think. I wished we had the FGSG jerseys. Of course they arrive next week. Crud! Y'all need to get JBar to talk about what he was talking about out in the parking lot at the end of the ride. Funny and gross. The girls will especially love the story. Tell 'em John. HA! (He's gonna kick my butt).

After the socializing at he end of the ride (Thanks everyone who brought drinks!) I rode back to the car. I can tell summer is ending because it's almost dark at 8 now. I saw Yale and Becca coming in and when we saw each other we all started laughing and yelled, "Love you!" Gosh, what a fun group. I saw Robb heading back too. He had stopped to help some folks with bike trouble. The cool thing was that one had on one of the Ar Cycle and Fitness jersey's where Robb works. He would have stopped anyway to help someone but to have a guy that works at the shop where you bought you bike stop from a group ride and help you is over the top customer service in my book.

Well, it's a couple of minutes before ten and I've got to run off Emmy's boyfriend...

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