Thursday, August 24, 2006

Geo's off the soapbox and is gonna ride

Peace out y'all ! Yep, the emails are flying and the boards are burning but I think me and my gang are just gonna go ride and people will talk as people always do. You can't please everyone and some folks live to gripe and there's really nothing you can do about those other than feel sorry for them.

Big party tonight and man am I excited! Serious! Me and my gang (don't ya love that Rascal Flatts song?!) are carbo loading tonight in prep for the HH100. I hear some fantastic tortinni is on the menu. YUMMMM!!!

Most of us are taking the night off from our usual Thursday night ride for this and then to go home and stand in our closets and wonder which jersey to wear to the event this weekend. Hmmm, do I wear my ABC with the razorback on it? Do I wear my ACH because it's a lighter color and easy for the gang to spot me if I fall on the side of the road and am being pecked on by Texas buzzards. Oh and shorts... y'all stop laughing. I'll wear the Toyota racing bib since I've worn them on several long rides with no problems.

I can't wait... excitment is building! WOOOHOOOO!

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