Thursday, April 19, 2007

All systems go!

Yep, that's the latest fashion statement...
sport supporter cup for the ear!

Got to the hospital at 6 and was in preop by 6:10. That was fast! Got to wear the paper gown and everything.

High points of the day.
Preop nurse was Sheila, super nice lady.
Versed (pronounced vers-said). It's the shot in the IV that makes you not care.
Judy, the OR nurse.
John, my doc
Brenda, doc's nurse (the boss)
The recovery staff that thought I lost my mind! Keep reading!

When I came out of the land of ZZZ's the recovery nurse was standing there rubbing my arm and talking nice to me. I had a bet with some friends that I'd act a fool if I could remember so I did! I looked up at her, put my hands on my chest and asked her if my breast implants took alright?! She looked at me then busted out laughing and the nurse helping the person in the recovery bed next to mine busted out laughing too then she told a whole desk of staff and they were all laughing! Jason owes me lunch! They knew I was joking but I was hoping to brighten their day a little. I heard it was a very busy surgery schedule.
I came home and slept a while then got up and watched Ray on FX. Ok, here's a funny story for you. Here I am watching a movie about a blind guy and I'm deaf. Ain't that a real Helen Keller combo for ya?! By the way, the movie is awesome!
My parents came by for a few minutes with my sister. Man, dad looked great! He has lost a lot of weight since he is eating right again.
It's killing me that the weather has returned to beautiful Arkansas spring time and the club is out riding right now and I can't. All in good time!
Ok, on being deaf: friends, this is not fun already. I figured out that I can read some peoples lips real easy and others hardly at all. My dad is one of those I could read very well. He doesn't move his mouth much when he talks so he would say something and then I'd look at Terri and she'd repeat it and most of the time I knew what she was saying. I think by the end of this 3 weeks I will really have a feeling towards deaf people. In all honest, I thnk this is going to make me a better person.
I watched Wheel of Fortune tonight and there was an Energizer commercial and it was for hearing aid batteries! Thanks Energizer you're a great sponsor!

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Wes said...

Don't you look cute in your cup :-) Glad everything went so well. When do we get a picture of the new breasts? Glad to hear Dad is doing so well. Now the hard part, controlling that itch to ride until you are ret to go!