Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend = Rain ... Again

Yep, big chance of rain starting any moment now. Once again I'm facing a rainy Saturday. Not exactly the best training weather. And yep, once again, Sunday will be nice meaning early services then hit the bike for the afternoon until sundown. I really want a 100 miles on Sunday. I really NEED a 100 miles.

I have decided to move the spin bike into the den and if I am going to watch any TV then I have to do it spinning. That will start tonight. Emmy is going to be out with her boyfriend, Tyler will be working, and Terri will be at the Women of Faith conference at Alltel. Do you know what that means??? It's gonna be a Blue Coast Burrito night with a basket of fish tacos, Baja Tea and a movie that is NOT a romantic comedy! Yes, I think Reese Withersppon is fine looking but tonight she'll need to carry a gun and fart if she's going to be in a movie that I'll be watching. I'll beat my chest and be all manly! HA!

I did ride last night. It was a fun club ride mostly spent in a pack with Brandon, Bill, Dan and myself. I got to the top of Ft Roots and then something happened that totally deflated me.... I shifted to a baby gear accidentlly and threw the chain and couldn't unclip for the pedal fast enough. Yep, I fell over. I haven't done that in years and I was so embarrassed! I took the hit with my elbow and knee so I wouldn't scar my new bike. The gearing on this bike is a little different from my old one so I'm still getting used to it at times. I still love the thing! Sooo smooth!

We have a great new sponsor! Energizer has come on for the River 2 River ride!! This is such an honor to have them. Everyone knows the bunny!!

Have a great weekend!

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Wes said...

Little things like that keep us humble, like the day after we eat a burrito with fish tacos :-)

I've got a good game lined up to ref Sunday, so I'm hoping they don't get rained out. If they do, I think I'll run 10 miles! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your 100 miler, Geo. Have a good weekend.