Friday, April 06, 2007


No, not sick like as in "cool" but sick as in sick. I was feeling bad yesterday as the afternoon wore on the worse I felt. I kept thinking a short ride around the hood would do me good but I didn't even want to to that. Terri saw me in jeans and looked at me like I was from outer space. "You're not going to ride?!"
"No, I just don't feel good."
"You must feel bad then."

Yep, I could feel the disappointment of the new kid out in the garage wanting to go play.

Bummer to have a new bike and not feel like riding. A r.e.a.l bummer!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a long training riding ... and ... tomorrow is only supposed to be 53 degrees ... and ... it's the last chance for a long ride before Thursday surgery. Guess I'll bungle up , stop whinning and go ride and ride and ride and ride!! HA!

It's Friday!

All for the kids!

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Wes said...

Hope you feel better, Geo! You still have that first ride ahead of you. It'll be waiting.