Monday, April 23, 2007

In the land of silence.

In the land of silence.

In the land of silence where I live today is a very different place then I knew last week. I see things but there is no soundtrack to go along with the visual. This is very strange.

I know so many times we take our hearing for granted. Never again will I do this. This is just a short list of things I didn’t hear this morning:
1) I didn’t hear our dog wanting back in after I let her out.
2) I didn’t hear if I shut the door too loud.
3) I didn’t hear if I was banging the dishes in the kitchen.
4) I didn’t hear if the TV was turned up when I flipped it on.
5) I didn’t hear Emily tell me by this morning
6) Nor did I hear my wife tell me by either. (Both were in the form of a hug).
7) I didn’t hear the cars around us as we drove to work (Terri drove).
8) I didn’t hear the car door close
9) I didn’t hear my keys as I unlocked my office
10) I didn’t hear anyone say good morning
11) I didn’t hear people walking by my office door
12) I didn’t hear my phone
13) I didn’t hear my printer
14) I don’t hear the tapping of the keys on my keyboard
15) I don’t hear the people talking in the hall even though I see them
16) I didn’t hear any cars as I walked to the lobby of the hospital
17) I didn’t hear the greeters telling me good morning
18) I didn’t hear the waterfall in the lobby
19) I didn’t hear the “phish” of steam that the espresso machine makes at Java City
20) I didn’t hear Sonya joke about my order
21) I didn’t hear coworkers ask me how the surgery went while waiting for my coffee.
22) I didn’t hear the fire truck coming
23) I didn’t hear the music playing

… and it’s only 8:30 in the morning…. What will the next 3 weeks be like?

Yes, being deaf will make me a better man… much better!

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