Sunday, April 29, 2007

They told you to ride conservative

I rode yesterday and it felt great so I ventured out for a real group ride and met up with the CARTI training ride at 2. John, Bandon, Jenny, Lauren, David and Blake (proud owner of the Allez!) were all there. Everyone for the most part knew I couldn't hear but I was still surprised I could communicate a little while riding. Brandon hung back with me a bit then I told him to go on I was fine. For some strange reason my throat was getting raw by the second. I would drink and not a few minutes later it was hurting again. I felt fine otherwise. We got to the regroup point and being temp-deaf really bites because I couldn't really cut up with the others.

We take off again and I am determined to stay with the front group on the way back. Another rider pulled up beside me and was telling me something about my bike. Oh great I thought, here I am completly deaf and I have a guy I've not met before talking away about my bike. I couldn't tell if he was talking about he liked it or what then I realized there was something wrong. I flat I say? No riding fine. Then something else so I stop... dang, there goes the front group. Come to find out it was purple gum that I rode through and it stuck to my tire then flew and stuck to the rear brake and then stretched and was all over the place back there and that included my shorts. I had a big purple Specialized "S" symbol on my shorts. Looked like someone sprayed silly string. Man, I was embarassed but climbed back on and rode. I laughed and told the guy I'll just have to keep my shirt pulled down back there.

I drafted behind a couple guys for a bit then when on around and hoped to get the second group where David and Blake were. I caught up and did fine until we split at the red light going back to the river. UGH! Now I can't be dropped by the second group too! There were 4 of us at the light and I went on ahead as we got close to the river, looked back and there was no one. I did not break off that fast at all.

Well I got to the river and then everything went downhill! I wasn't a normal bonk, it was a sick feeling. I spotted the second group and tried everything to catch but never happened. Finally got to the car and it seemed like a hundred degrees and there they were... the chills. Oh crud! I grabbed the water and drank... ugh... it's warm. I slow down and sip, then have a little FRS and switch back and forth slowly. I'm having real chills and it's tripping me. I'm wanting to pull over on the side of the road and sleep a moment. I've never done that! I run through the mental checklist. All I can hear are 3 people I trust telling me I should have an easy ride schedule this weekend. I also see myself firing back that it was only 30 miles...geesh. How much easier do I have to go? Then I start really thinking... ok you had a pain pill last night and you have 3 different antibodics going through your system. Maybe a fast 30 is a bit much. Sigh...

I get home and clean up, drink and eat a bit and flop down on the sofa and watch... bicycle racing. And what do I hear? How such and such is riding really well today even with such and such injury. Gawd, I hate young pros and their super human strength! No not really, I deeply admire them!

I begin to feel much better but stay put on the sofa with my trusty dog. It's really been a great weekend! I'll take a very very easy spin tomorrow, try and ride with the group on Tuesday, easy on Wednesday, maybe a easy spin on Thursday, nothing on Friday then go up to Altus and ride the tour of Wine Country on Saturday if I can wear my hearing aid. Terri is excited because it's a festival. She can shop... oh boy-ee! Goody! HA! I can actually do the century (100 miles) if I feel up to it. If not, maybe the metric century which is 63 miles.

The training for the River 2 River ride is kicking in major league big time this month so I'll be on the bike a lot. I'm ready to return to serious training.

I read a quote from Helen Keller that goes... "Being blind seperates you from things. Being deaf seperates you from people." That is so true. I still am shocked by how isolated a deaf person must feel sometimes. It is a very very isolated feeling and it's making my training have a really special meaning. I don't want kids to go through what I'm experiencing right now. I am very blessed that my deafness is temperary... very blessed!

To donate to the River 2 River ride to help children with hearing impairments go to and click on the donate now button and note it's for the bike ride.

It's all for the kids!


Blake Mccauley said...

Geo- I have the purple gum also and my dad had to almost carry me back- but I made it :) I sm enjoying my new ride!

Geo said...

Blake: You did great yesterday! Keep it up man!